Tailored services to personalise your wines.

Building your brands

We offer our services to very well-known customers at the level of distribution as well as renowned international wineries.

Tailored services to personalise your wines.

Since Bodegas Isidro Milagro was founded, one of its strengths has been the ability to compete with tailor-made Wines, advising you on the choice of wines as well as components of dry materials (labels, boxes, caps and bottles).

To create a new product is much more than just bottles and labels with wine, it is to understand needs based on the market requirements, philosophy that successfully guides our work day by day.

Our team is made up of specialists in the different departments; management, production, winemakers, quality, export, administration etc and is constantly adjusting its organization.

We work our creativity to offer unique projects following rigorous processes to fulfill timings and satisfy the needs of the market improving at the same time the quality of our products as well as their conservation conditions.

Last Generation laboratory

Quality Compromise

We work to offer quality wines to our customers.

Panoramic view of our process:

  • Safe and innovative processes. We believe in our employees’ training.

  • Traceability analyses are performed during bottling process.

  • Last generation laboratory and analyses with guaranteed quality in each process.

  • An in-house tasting panel and a laboratory round out the facilities to painstakingly monitor the wines. Once the product is finished, we can store your entire production at our temperature-controlled facilities,helping to guarantee your wines’ organoleptic qualities.

Our facilities have been awarded the most required quality and food safety certifications.

The whole process complies with IFS and BRC Higher Level certification standards with “A” and “High” results respectively every year.

The quality of our service has led many domestic and international partners to put their trust in us to develop their wines.